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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

My Kingdom For A Utilityman

With yesterday's announcement that Eckstein will likely be on the DL for a couple weeks, the Angels once again find themselves staring at their depth chart with disquietude. Even though it doesn't list him in the shortstop position, given the rickety health of the Angels this year so far, you have to wonder whether Shane Halter's ability to play third makes him more valuable there in the event of another Troy Glaus hamstring pull. Point is, the Angels are dangerously close to giving Alfredo Amezega playing time again. How long will it be before we find another Wilson Delgado to man the middle infield if, say, Kennedy trips over a shoelace?

But if the Angels' starters' health is giving too much playing time to bench guys, the Dodgers have something of the reverse problem: DePodesta's revamped bench has spent more time on the DL than the starters. This could lead to a double whammy (i.e., Chin Feng "Lead Glove" Chen playing first?) eventually, but however it breaks out, the thinness of the starting rotation is starting to show in a frayed bench. In today's Times, Tracy says they might use Dreifort as a pinch hitter, but how close to a desperation move is that? And with Jayson Werth sidelined, who goes down -- if anyone -- when he's ready to return to the big club?


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