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Sunday, April 25, 2004

Pickoff Moves

The Princess In Centerfield

So a mattress caused Anderson's downtime? Okay, I guess it could be true, but doesn't anyone else think it's, um, unusual that, having been given the big bucks contract, Anderson's now hitting -- and sleeping -- badly? Especially, now that the Times reports he could be out for another week? Hint: GA, take the pea out.

Back To Tempe

Having a taste of what a good crowd can bring in revenue, Tempe's decided they want the Angels to stay at Tempe Diablo Stadium after all. It might work for both parties, as Arte's ability to get a Goodyear facility going may be delayed until 2006 or 2007. But at least Tempe recognizes there's room to improve:
"We're excited with what Arte is doing with the team and the amount of fan interest he has generated," Tempe City Manager Will Manley said. "We can have as good a practice facility as any team has in the Cactus League."
Hopefully, that means they lose the oven rack seating that just roasts spectators.

Scioscia Almost Says "Gregg" To Times

Scioscia almost said the words "Kevin Gregg" in a complete sentence to Times staff writer Ben Bolch today:
"He's got the stuff, the makeup, the command," Scioscia said. "The way he's throwing, he's definitely showing he could be part of a championship-caliber staff."
But does that mean Ortiz won't be given a fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh chance? Of course not! Heaven forbid the Angels should put someone on the mound who's actually producing. I'd like to think they share, for whatever reasons, the skepticism of Baseball Prospectus:
Every year, a few guys make the book because their major league performance warrants it, even though that performance doesn't really reflect their status. Gregg is one of those guys; called up in September, he posted a low ERA in enough innings that he really has to be included here. He's a journeyman, and despite good command of mediocre stuff, isn't likely to be back in the majors in 2004. [emphasis mine]
Gregg's done well in limited outings, true, but he keeps doing well. Maybe he's one of those guys that Chavez or Nix or the entire AL West will figure out if they see him often enough. But his 9.42 K/9 is now third on the team, and he has more innings under his belt than Ortiz, a starter. He's getting the job done, and Ortiz isn't. Maybe it's time to send Scioscia a membership application to the Kevin Gregg Marching and Chowder Society.

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