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Monday, April 26, 2004

Pickoff Moves

Dang, I had a mess of little stories ... shoulda lumped 'em all here... oh well.

Beltre's New Nickname

"Chocolate Bunny"?

Note to Kathleen: you're scaring me.

Jamie Makes Dodgers Worst Dressed List

Jamie McCourt spotted wearing the enemy's colors. My, my.

Will Carroll: Angels Not In Outfield

Will Carroll's column today (subscription required) talks about GA's ongoing back issues, saying a decision about him going on the DL will be made later this week. He's not responding to any treatments so far. And, Vlad's right knee -- the pushoff and batting knee -- is also not getting better despite spending a bunch of time at DH.

Schoeneweis... And His 2.79 ERA

Despite consistent craptacularity with the Angels, Scott Schoeneweis may have found a team where he can excel -- the Chicago White Sox, writes BP today. He's got a 2.79 ERA, two acceptable if unspectacular starts against the Yanks, and a mess of zeros against the D-Rays. We'll see how he does after the team plays the other Sox, but it's good to hear that he's doing well.

Weaver Update

Another Friday, another 14-strikeout, one-earned-run win. Ho hum. Oh -- tragedy! -- his ERA is now 1.13. Will this disastrous slide spell the end of his career? The better -- serious -- question is, will it translate into major league success? The Padres, with the first draft pick this year and considered by most observers to be the team most likely to get "Dream", must hope so...

Alvarez In The Rotation? Maybe...

Like a few others, Arrive In The Third... calls for Alvarez to return to the rotation. I can understand why they haven't done it, for two reasons:
  1. Supposedly, Alvarez had a velocity drop in ST.
  2. How many innings has Alvarez missed due to injuries in the last five years? Uh huh. No sense taxing him as a starter unless you're forced into it.

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