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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Cora's Groundhog Day At Bat: Dodgers 4, Cubs 0

Free: One win, to a National League team. Recipient must have enough hitting to get on base. Donor to provide poor fielding by pitcher, listless hitting with multiple strikeouts. Free delivery.

Man, the Cubs are givin' 'em away. Helen thought Chicago seemed lifeless on the field, possibly in reaction to the news that Kerry Wood will miss at least one start. Their bats certainly didn't have any pop, as they never advanced a runner beyond second base the whole night, and ended the night with nine strikeouts. Clement had good stuff, but -- in the most bizarre inning I've seen recently -- gave up every kind of weirdo infield hit imagineable. Alvarez singled to center, then --

Five consecutive singles. That'll wear you out just watching it, so imagine how tired it must have made Clement. He threw 25 pitches and gave up five singles. Whew.

And in the seventh, Cora's phenominal Groundhog Day at bat. Every pitch, for fourteen pitches, fouled off. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it. Spiezio's in the World Series seemed long, but nothing like this. New Dodger blogger On the DL (and hello to you, too, Dan!) breaks down the at bat. Helen told me at pitch 17, "He's fouled that one off to left. He's made an adjustment. He's ahead of him. He'll get a hit on the next pitch."

See ya.

A. Martinez in the postgame show said that baseball doesn't keep records on most pitches in a single at bat, but maybe they should. That was for the ages, man. And, as Helen reminds me, we have now seen both of Alex Cora's 2004 home runs, live.

Oh, yeah, and we finally got to meet Jon. And yes, we must do this again soon.


Beltre hopped around as usual after each at bat. Now we know why: he needs surgery to correct bone chips in his ankle he acquired last year. Great.

Not good news on Beltre at all.

But, in some cases, and I say this cautionly, bone chips can be treated with meds, and they can literally disolve.

I'll ask my one of my best friends tomorrow who is an orthopedic surgeon to get the complete rundown.

The Cora at bat is one for the ages. I'm sure ESPN will barely cover it.
I don't see why he doesn't just have the surgery... the news report says it is a relatively simple one, so he wouldn't be out for an extended length.
and on another note, anyone notice cora's OPS just crossed the 800 line? our 2B isn't great, but leave him there with j. hernandez and spend the money on beltran or resigning beltre.
Let's see, why would Beltre be afraid of surgery? Appendectomy, anyone?
this time he won't be getting it done in PR... well, anyway, apparently the short amount of recovery time would actually be about a month. still, I'd rather have him fix it now, then worry about it the rest of the season. mattkew

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