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Saturday, May 22, 2004

Pickoff Moves

Anaheim Stingers 6, Orioles 3

You've just gotta wonder what's gonna happen today when Angels-killer Sir Sidney Ponson (j/k about the knighthood) takes the mound against a lately inoffensive Angels offense. I'm predicting an Orioles win, but the glass is half-empty for me a lot of the time, and it's easy to do, too, when so many of your big boppers are out of the lineup. The all-reserves team took the field yesterday, none of them hitting well against Baltimore starter Eric Du Bose, prompting me to wonder whether Mike shouldn't have contacted my friend Debi about filling out the lineup card. But once ex-Brewer closer Mike DeJean got to the mound, it was partay time for the Angels. Wash had a quality start -- not a great one, but acceptable -- but the boys didn't put it together in time to give him a win.

Robb Quinlan 3-3 with a walk on the night, Guillen 2-4, and the rest of the crew putting together no better than a 1-3 game? Rickety, rickety is the offense.


Eight Is Enough! Braves 2, Dodgers 0

Okay, we get that they're not really a contending team. But did they have to lose in such an obvious fashion? I mean, it's pretty clear by now that Beltre needs surgery, Green's was a flop, and neither of Cora and Izturis, over the long haul, amount to anything like a complete major leaguer. And Bradley -- well, let's just say he's not the solution to the middle of the lineup. I predicted a bad clubhouse funk before the season, but I guess now I was only off on the timing. They say teams aren't as bad as they appear when they're on a losing streak, nor as good as they appear when they're on a tear, but I have long suspected this team will be a middle-of-the-pack performer. We're headed that way now. And if the Pads win tonight and the Dodgers don't, how long will it be before the team turns it back around?


At The Padres' Beck and Call

The Padres' 2003 fill-in for closer Trevor Hoffman Rod Beck has returned, from still undisclosed personal problems. I'm not sure how effective he'll be having missed almost two months of play (and Spring Training as well?), but if he returns to last year's form, he'll provide solid middle relief for them. I still think, in this weak division, the Padres are the team to beat.

Dayn Perry: Erstad's Injury A Boon

As if we didn't know.


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