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Sunday, June 27, 2004

The Return of El Ladrón: Dodger 10, Angels 5

In baseball, it seems once you pay a man a certain amount of money, you're obliged to let him lose games for you. Colón threw BP for a few innings until the Dodgers had their fill. Shields has looked mostly awful in these last few games, and now I'm beginning to wonder just whether he spent last season on steroids, and is coming down from that ride.

The Dodgers got their hacks in today, but I'm just not convinced they're going to do much of anything to any pitcher not named Colón or Shields.


Dodger starter Odalis Perez is scheduled to undergo an MRI exam Tuesday because of soreness in his pitching shoulder.

The left-hander said he continued to experience shoulder pain a day after being pulled after five innings in the Angels' 7-5 victory because of irritation of the rotator cuff. Perez played catch, received treatment and was examined by physician Lugo Podesta. Perez said Podesta does not think the rotator cuff is damaged.

"We're going to see what type of damage I have in there," said Perez, 4-3 with a 2.96 earned-run average. "I hope not to have any damage, but for now it hurts."

Who's this guy Podesta anyway? Do they mean Jobe?
He's on staff at the Kerlan-Jobe clinic, the physicians both the Angels and Dodgers use. Here's his resume.

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