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Friday, June 11, 2004

The Silent Stud

Who's the best pitcher on the Angels' staff? It's... Kevin Gregg, who has a 20.8 VORP. The breakdown overall:

Kevin Gregg2404172.
Kelvim Escobar111167.
Francisco Rodriguez270336.3314.50.30.3491.361.912.0324210.615.4
Aaron Sele12855.
Scot Shields25040.76.23.510.20.20.2622.662.883.061608.414.6
Jarrod Washburn12127211.
Troy Percival19017.711.
Ramon Ortiz14541.310.
John Lackey1111679.8341.20.2835.645.916.2978-10.11.3
Matt Hensley30413.54.54.500.4296.756.757.1868-1-0.3
Dusty Bergman102184.54.500.513.513.514.3634-2.1-1.6
Bartolo Colon12126910.83.37.320.32566.526.9470-15.4-3.3
Ben Weber18022.314.964.41.60.3798.069.6710.2947-13.3-8.9

Think about that next time Colón starts.

Update: Gregg's 20.8 VORP puts him in the neighborhood of Mariano Rivera (19.5) and Javier Vazquez (21.0) of the Yankees, as well as the Dodgers' best starter, Odalis Perez (20.6), and Matt Clement of the Cubs (21.2). In other words, he's right up there with some of the top-shelf pitchers in the game today.


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