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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

TerRiBIc! Angels 6, A's 1

Okay, that's one game we get back from Bartolo "El Ladrón" Colón. The question is, does it mean Colón's doing well, or Oakland's offense is slumping? El Ladrón K'd six, which might be a sign who's in control here. Rex and Hud mentioned that he's abandoned his four-seam fastball, which might have something to do with his improvement. I'll wait for another game or two before I get my hopes up, and even then, Colón had consistency problems in Chicago.

If it's possible for control problems to be contagious, you'd have to think Hudson's come down with whatever Harden had last night, with a very uncharacteristic three walks and only two K's in five innings, along with a balk. The Angels took advantage, and though it wasn't the team's best offensive show lately (that would be yesterday's game), there could be no doubt but that good things are happening for some key guys who need it. In particular, Erstad (2-4) and Kennedy (1-3) both had hard-hit outs that, but for a couple degrees of arc, would have fallen in for doubles. Only Guillen's 0-3 night was a bust, but it wasn't a terrible one, striking out only once. Kotsay's rubber glove in the outfield didn't help matters, giving Kennedy a triple on an error, and a double to Figgins.

The play of the game absolutely had to be Eckstein's suicide squeeze in the fourth. Brilliantly executed and actually much closer than you would think. Hudson very nearly got it.

All in all, a very good night for the boys, taking advantage of a rare bad outing by Hudson.

Update: On the Athletics Nation comments thread for this game, the following entry appears:

With all the things that have gone wrong for the A's tonight, the cellphone signal was probably intercepted by Angels security and all BB's plans will be foiled by the evil Arte "cheap beer" Moreno.
Well, not only is Arte evil, but he's got a new nickname. I'll have to think about that one for a bit.



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