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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Pickoff Moves

Angels 8, Red Sox 1

As Richard says, this was an "acceptable" start for Bartolo -- he got the win -- but he walked way too many, only picked up a single strikeout, and gave up another homer. Wakefield is just random, like his knucklers, and yesterday the Angels got the better part of that.

Must we suffer through another month of Salmon's "hitting" before he puts together some solid at bats? Erstad, though: I might have to retract some things I've said about him. In fact, if he keeps this up (3-4, all singles, and 2 RBI) he might earn a promotion to the nine hole.


Dodgers 7, D'Backs 6

The Dodgers disabled Edwin Jackson yesterday, so a win was much needed to offset that unpleasant news. I didn't watch it -- and with Mota collapsing, I'm glad I didn't -- but the most unlikely of events got the Dodgers the win, with Ventura -- Ventura? -- getting a pinch-hit home run off Arizona reliever Brian Bruny. It really makes you appreciate Gagné that much more. He made it look easy, striking out the side for the save last night. What a treasure he is.


The Angelos Who Isn't An Angel

No, Peter Angelos is just plain dysfunctional, like the rest of the Orioles front office. Just ask Backstop Bob of Birds In The Belfry:
Peter, how could you possibly look at this club and see a contender? How have you ever looked at this club and saw a contender? Yes, the team signed four "high-end" free agents. Guess what...to be "competitive", the club would have had to sign at least three more! Three more! (Two starters, and a slugging outfielder. No one could have seen a .500 record without at least three more star performances.)
A real jeremiad from a fan disgusted with the way his team's gone, despite multimillion dollars invested in free agents. Perhaps a template for the Angels if Colon doesn't turn it around.

A Fine Idea

Thanks to Baseball Think Factory for pointing out this fine site: Remember The Grays. The Grays were Washington's Negro League team; there's a petition to name any new National League team landing in Washington the Grays:
Whereas: good baseball Karma dictates that we not name a team the “Senators” after a twice-disappointing D.C. franchise, and instead name a team the “Grays” after a franchise that won eight Negro National League titles in nine years.
An excellent idea.

The Big Hurt, Hurt

... and out for the year:
"When you have Frank and [Paul] Konerko in the same spot, you cannot play the way I would like to play,'' Guillen said. "But, I would rather have Konerko hit home runs and Frank hit home runs, than play little ball. We have a better chance -- with the way we're swinging and the pitching staff we're playing right now -- to use the hit-and-run and move guys over.''
Batgirl, you are free to celebrate.


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