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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Pickoff Moves

Dodgers 9, Rockies 7

Ishii's conversion to a flyball pitcher nearly demanded he'd face an early exit today, so I wasn't surprised when he got chased and Duaner Sanchez picked up the victory. Nonetheless, despite homers from Jose Hernandez and Belly, the real offensive stars were... well, Belly and Bradley, though Encarnacion gave the Rocks a good scare with a warning-track shot. A great game when the team needed it -- great teams pound the weak ones, and this was no exception. Estes got shelled, but I guess he's used to it. I confess to being scared in the ninth, even with Gagné on the mound; at elevation, even Thor has trouble. But no, we got the win.


Rangers 6, Angels 1

Season over. Seriously. Excuses or no, this team has to beat the division leader to go anywhere, and they're not doing that. Escobar pitches pretty well but gives up some well-timed (for the Rangers) taters, and suddenly an Angels team that's badly out-hitting the Rangers looks like a bunch of kindergartners. Just awful.


ESPN Loves Batgirl

Eric Neel, who's already outed himself as an Angels fan, confesses his love for Batgirl. Or at least, strong like.

Giambi In Mortal Peril?

At least, that's what they're testing for, entamoeba histolytica, which can become amoebiasis, a fatal condition. I suspect it's one of those conditions that's only fatal if you're in the Amazon river basin and 1,500 miles away from a doctor. Regardless, I wish him a full recovery... in November.

Werth Gets Another Job

He's now the Dodgers' emergency catcher:
"I've seen him throw a few times," Werth said of Gagne. "It looks like he's got some good stuff. Seriously, I caught for 10 years. If I can't get the job done, I'd be very unhappy with myself."

McGriff Released

Fred McGriff was released by the Devil Rays. That's gotta hurt; he's really their only player who has a shot at the Hall of Fame, to date.

Eckersley, Molitor Enter The Hall of Fame

A bit late, but congratulations to Dennis Eckersley and Paul Molitor, who entered the Hall of Fame earlier this week. Eck is, to Dodgers fans, best known as the guy who surrendered Gibby's heavenly and amazing home run, but that's the same as reducing Bill Buckner's career to one ground ball in the World Series. Congratulations to both.

Eric Neel's allegiances go something like this...
1. dodgers
2. a's
3. angels
4. whoever's playing the yankees

don't like the #2, but he's the only socal-rooting guy on ESPN, unlike all the joe morgans, jim caples, and rob neyers, so he's cool with me

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