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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Pickoff Moves

Scott Drew, Snakes Negotiations Collapse

The Diamondbacks' first-round pick, Scott Drew, has announced he may start fall classes by the end of the week, thus voiding Arizona's draft pick for him. (He will become eligible to be drafted again in 2005.) Speculation abounds as to why this might be, from his advisor Scott Boras (recall his older brother, J.D., plays with the Braves) asking for too much money and stalling the negotiations, to bad blood between new Arizona CEO Jeff Moorad (and former player representative) and Boras. And even though Arizona will likely have first pick next year, draft rules forbid -- unless the player consents in writing -- re-drafting the same player the next year.

Stick A Fork In 'Em

Joel Pineiro of the Mariners and Jason Giambi of the Yanks are unlikely to return this season.

Chan Ho Ready To Throw

Good news for the Angels: Chan Ho Park is ready to return to the mound:
"I feel great. I haven't really been off. I've been pitching in minor league games," Park said this week. "I want to pitch hard and to win, just relax and pitch like it's any other game. My back is pretty good."
Whatever. We've heard it before.

Wait Til Next Year Ranks AL West Prospects

Yet another farm system ranking, this time from Wait Til Next Year. As seems pretty typical, the Angels' system comes out on top.

Update: I forgot to mention that WTNY also has a very good interview with Dave Cameron of U.S.S. Mariner about the AL West's farm systems; he's got this to say about the Angels:

Cameron: I think Anaheim’s system is the best in the game, and it isn’t particularly close. Kotchman is an unbelievable talent if he can stay healthy. Mathis, McPherson, and Santana are the big names, but the lower levels are stacked as well. They just have waves of talent heading towards Edison Field.
On the Next Big Thing:
Smith: Finish this sentence: the next great baseball phenom is…
Cameron: Felix Hernandez, if he doesn’t blow his arm out.


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