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Friday, August 27, 2004

Review: It Could Happen

Some of you may recall that a a fellow bought a mess of outfield pavilion seats on the possibility that Barry Bonds might hit his 700th home run at Dodger Stadium. With Bonds now at 693, that puts 700 seven away.

It could happen.

Update 8/30: Refound a story about this on MSNBC, where they don't drop stories off the site as often as the Daily News.

you know, i just found www.barrybonds.com today, and it occurred to me that only a guy like barry would start a website like that, the main purpose of which is to make him seem like less of a douchebag and more like a normal guy(at least, as it seems to me by looking at the journal and all), and have it end up making him seem like even more of a douchebag.

granted, i'm not exactly unbiased, but i still thought it was funny.

Six, now.

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