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Friday, August 27, 2004

Strong, Stronger, Strongest

They only love you when you beat the Yankees. In ESPN's Power Rankings, regarding the Angels:
This is a team no other club will want to play in the postseason. They're solid from top to bottom.
Clearly, somebody didn't watch Ramon's last performance against weak sister Kansas City, although I'm willing to cut Ramon some slack there because of the extended delay between innings.

Also taking a bite out of the Yanks was the Twins, who if not for the arm of one Nathan Silva, would have swept the Yanks at the Metrodome. And yet, they only appear seventh on the Power Meter; maybe it's just that AL Central teams keep getting used as mops in the postseason. Well, we're going to see just how tough they are: we're about to get the top of their rotation, starting with Radke:

Friday 8/27Radke9-63.41Sele7-14.43
Saturday 8/28Santana14-63.13Escobar8-94.11
Sunday 8/29Silva10-84.71Colon13-95.30

So we're also seeing one of those pitchers known to Batgirl as the "Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Sucky-Pitcher Pants" part of their rotation. Kelvim, I hope that blister's healed.


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