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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Breathless: Dodgers 5, Rockies 4

Well, I shake all over
And you know why
I'm sure it's love, honey
ain't no lie
'cause when you call my name
I burn like wood in flame
You leave me ... breathless, oh!
-- Ottis Blackwell
Could they have made that comeback go down any later? While I understand the compulsion to give all your bench players an opportunity to get in at-bats, the pair of Thurston and Grabowski can be counted on to do exactly nothing, even against the Rocks' pen. Best to let them sit.

Bradley: I hope his supension is short, and he understands -- which I think he will once it's explained -- why most of the fans were booing, which was because of his ejection, not because of what he did (which was lame). Taking the uniform top off before he entered the dugout was also lame.

Let us now praise Ishii for a clutch pitching performance... and as to the bullpen, well, Jackson's early exit, and those before him, leave bootprints over Brazoban, Sanchez, Carrara, and even Gagné.

Winner, Carpe diem award: Werth and Fins.

Image: Frank pumping a fist into the air, embracing Jamie as Jayson Werth rounds third and scores.

In a blue shirt.

There may yet be hope for the man. He looks like he knows what team he owns.

At last: a hearty "thank you" to Shawn Chacon and the Rocks' bullpen.

Dodgers' magic number: 3


Only thing to make this season of destiny any better is when we knock SF out of the playoffs this weekend. mwahaha.
Does this mean that both Frank & Jamie will get the invite for a Thanksgiving feast this year?

Like I said at the beginning of the season/ownership--give these people time and let them prove themselves. Right now, they have proven to me a lot. From the sounds of it, I think your starting to believe that too!

Go Washington Grays!

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