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Monday, September 27, 2004

Go Figgins: Angels 5, Rangers 3

You appreciate Kennedy in his absence, the smooth glove that rarely faltered. Figgins, his replacement, made an error today that cost the Angels a run, though he made up for it by getting a game-winning hit.

Everything's exciting, everything's the most spectacular win of your life, everything's a heart attack waiting to happen. Colon had maybe the most clutch performance of his career as an Angel today against a Kenny Rogers who looked like he was going to walk away with this one. Two runs, eight innings and two batters. I don't trust him for thirty seconds in the postseason, but that's another day, another problem.

And Percy... well, the argument for keeping him seems to be growing. I'm unconvinced either way; if he wants his current contract, forget it. But, dang... he's been great lately.



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