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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Now How Much Would You Pay? Angels Edition: Angels 8, Rangers 7

Anybody wanna resign Troy now?

Either one. Or both.

Jes' askin'.

Update: WOO HOO! Bobby Madritsch clocks a 4-2 complete game victory for the M's. Not only did we end the Rangers season, we're in sole posession of the AL West!

Update: Angels' magic number: 4. Doesn't it feel nice to say that?

I cannot believe that we actually have a fantastic shot of winning this thing now. Doesn't matter how horrible this team has played. A last-week surge, plus Oakland moving up it's yearly choke a month earlier, and all the foibles of the season are forgotten.
Thank you madritsch!!... he may be a punk, but he's good in my book right now.

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