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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Pickoff Moves

Red Sox To Expand Fenway

Fenway, that "lyric little bandbox" that seats a mere 36,298, is set to expand by another 2,000. It being they've sold out their entire season, maybe they figure they can sell out 2,000 more. Of course, the question is, where would they put those seats? As it is, there's no outfield foul territory, and shrinking that further would make the park even more hitter-friendly than it already is.

Red Sox 3, Yankees 2

Speaking of the Sox, beating the Yanks' closer -- and the Yankees, 3-2 -- has to feel especially good, but I have to wonder whether the Red Sox watched the Dodgers' June 20 game against the Yanks in which Roberts turned a Hideki Matsui error into an inside-the-park home run. Did Theo scratch his chin and say, "Hmm..."

Rockies 8, Dodgers 1

For six innings on Tuesday, things were looking good. The Dodgers were up 5-0, and Shawn Green had snapped out of his funk with two home runs. Then Jim Tracy struck. After Kevin Brown gave up a run in the seventh, and with guys on first and second, Tracy brought in Giovanni Carrara. Fair enough. But when the guy gives up a 3-run blast on his first pitch, YOU TAKE HIM OUT. But Tracy left him in. And Cararra then walked Eric Young. But Tracy left him in. And then Carrara gave up a double to Jeffrey Hammonds. But Tracy left him in. And then Carrara walked Richie Sexson. But Tracy left him in. And then up stepped Geoff Jenkins, who—go figure— crushed a Carrara pitch deep into the right field stands, giving the Brewers an 8-5 lead. Only then, after letting a late-inning game get completely out of reach, did Jim Tracy slowly walk to the mound. Even to a friggin' retard watching the game upside down, it was obvious after the first batter that Carrara had nothing. But Jim Tracy—Mr. Personality— left him in for SIX GODDAMN BATTERS!!! Brilliant decision. Really.
-- Dodger Blues, May 21, 2002
Sound familiar? Well, except for the being ahead part. And the opponent being the Brewers.

Rangers 2, Angels 0

I made the mistake of viewing this live, and for my troubles, got to watch the Angels do what they've done so well lately: flail wildly at offspeed pitches and ground out: And so it went. Pitch recognition, dammit.

Cards Ace Leaves Game With Strained Bicep

Aww. He can ask Brad Penny how long it takes to recover from those.


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