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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Some Games

Dodgers 7, Rockies 6

Today for the first time, it truly felt like autumn. The air's been too warm or humid before, but today was crisp, the clouds high, the sky deeply blue. Through all of it, a steady, chill breeze. And in Colorado -- remembrances of the 2002 Angels with their strings of comeback wins. The Dodgers have but rarely enjoyed early leads, making their fans ever-so-nervous: for their wins in September, here's a breakdown of the innings in which they took a lead alongside the number of runs of the lead:

DateOpp.Inning Lead Was Taken (Size of Lead)
9/2@ Arizona8th (3)
9/7vs Arizona3rd (1), 5th (2)
9/8vs Arizona5th (1), 9th (1)
9/9vs Arizona5th (1)
9/10vs St. Louis2nd (1), 7th (2)
9/11vs St. Louis4th (1), 8th (1)
9/14vs San Diego1st (1), 4th (2)
9/17@ Colorado1st (1), 10th (2)
9/19@ Colorado9th (1)
The Dodgers have let a lot of leads slip away. It's a nervewracking time to be a Dodger fan, especially with the Giants so close on our heels; it's all part and parcel with the Dodgers failing to split with the Pads at home. Green's game-winning home run was nice and all (my, how those walks hurt you), but wouldn't it have been better if it weren't necessary at all?


Rangers 1, Angels 0

So Mike scolded the team after its second shutout game in a row? Heh. Washburn finally pitches like we know he can, and the team just chokes with the bat. Now we know the real reason the pitching's been so lousy all year long: they've seen Escobar's example, and just how much run support he's gotten.

Diamondbacks 3, Cardinals 2

Did anybody notice this? The fargin' Snakes beat the Cards? With Mike Gosling on the mound? Whatever, all it means is St. Louis will clinch against the Brewers. But -- the Cards are actually 4-6 in their last ten. It's probably the worst they've done all year.

Everybody Else In The Wildcard

Man, what a static race. The Cubs beat the Reds in dramatic fashion, pulling four runs out of their hats against closer Danny Graves. Roger Clemens struck out 10 on his way to a 1-0 victory against the Brewers. The only movement in the Wild Card was that of San Diego heading closer to the bottom, as the Giants beat the Pads 4-2. The Fish beat the Braves 3-0 behind -- hold on -- Ismael Valdez, but lose the series to Atlanta, falling to 4.5 games back in the wildcard. The Giants remain 2.5 back of the Dodgers in the NL West, and a half game over the Cubs in the wildcard; the Padres sink to four games out.


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