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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The Stuff, Alright

Cooper: ... All you got here is your local gentry, and you got your Navy and Marine pilots over here -- who're they trying to fool?

Slayton: C'mon Gus, none of these guys is up to Air Force standards. I hear they've got some fifty-some guys trying out for seven spots. After they pick us three, there's only gonna be four spots open.

Grissom: Where do we go from here?

Shepard: You go in that door.

Cooper: Who are you?

Shepard: (effecting a Spanish accent a la Bill Dana) My name... Jose Jimenez.

Grissom: You talking to us, buddy?

Shepard: All Air Force pilots go in that door. When they all go in, they all look the same. But when they all come out, they all look different.

Slayton: How's that? Fella, I said, how's that?

Shepard: When they all come out... they all look scared.

-- The Right Stuff

This post rocks. One of my all-time favorite movies.
That third line should be credited to Grissom, not Schirra.

All Schirra (Lance Henriksen) does in that scene is show somebody a box rigged to sound like it had a snake in it.

I've seen this movie.

A lot.
Erf -- you know, I thought I fixed that. I spent about 15 minutes rewinding that section and going through the credits to make sure I got the names right. Thanks.

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