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Friday, October 15, 2004

The Death Of A Good Blog

Well... now that that's out of my system... back to baseball.

I've labored under the delusion for some time that the all-baseball.com family of blogs represents the best-of-breed -- or at the very least, quality writing -- about the teams they cover. Dodger Thoughts, Cub Reporter, Bronx Banter, and Mariner Musings all do a bang-up job on their respective teams (though I confess to preferring the contankerous trio running U.S.S. Mariner as the tippy-top of the M's bloggers). But... what does one say about Baysball? Nary a post since October 4th. Meantime, Blez continues to cover the postseason, poking at the failures of the A's bullpen, even passing on a story that Giambi could return in green and gold as the Yankees get disgusted with his health. In the middle of all this action Baysball has disappeared, enervated by their late loss to the Angels. I say this not with the intent of humiliating or kicking Baysball when their team's down, but due to my surprise at their lassitude in covering the A's. I would publically call for A-B to pick up Blez in their stable, but frankly, I like his new user interface a lot better than A-B's anyway.


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