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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Hendry To Do "Whatever It Takes" To Move Sosa

The Chicago Tribune reports the Tribune Company (also parent to the Los Angeles Times) has given Cubs GM Jim Hendry marching orders "to do whatever it takes to find [right fielder Sammy] Sosa a new home". Rumor is Kerry Wood destroyed Sammy's boom box with a baseball bat after Sammy failed to show up for the last game of the season. Sosa was fined $87,400, his single-game salary, for the AWOL adventure.

Sosa's injury-plagued 2004 contributed heavily to the team's ultimate failure to capture a postseason berth, hitting .253/.332/.517 with 35 HR on the year, but .230/.292/.414 and 5 HR in September. The Mets are reportedly interested, but thanks to an onerous contract extension, are unlikely to consummate a deal.

Update: Raul's bud Enrique Rojas at the AP summarized an interview Sammy did with the Dominican newspaper Hoy. Get this:

Sammy Sosa was humiliated by being dropped to sixth in the Chicago Cubs lineup, and claims he was mistreated by the club.

When he struggled down the stretch of the season, Cubs manager Dusty Baker lowered the slugger in the batting order -- much to Sosa's dismay.

"I'm not a sixth batter," Sosa told Hoy newspaper in Santo Domingo on Saturday upon returning to his native Dominican Republic. "I'm a cleanup hitter or third because I've earned that right with almost 600 career home runs."

Well, when you start producing like a four hitter... well, you know the drill. Baseball's supposed to teach you humility. But what happens when the lesson is just how much better than everyone else you are?

(The original Hoy story is here, in untranslated Spanish, or for the wonder of Babelfish, check this.)

If the Cubs are truely intent on dealing Sosa (they seem to be), then they're going to have to eat that "onerous contract extension" you speak of. They're probably willing to do that, because I just can't see how they could have Sosa back after the way his season ended.
I'll be posting later today on Sosa's comments to a local paper
Ooh, I can hardly wait!

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