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Monday, October 18, 2004

TV Notes

Baseball is actually "compelling" programming, says Studio Briefing.
Fox managed to garner a 7.9 rating and a 14 share for its coverage of the Yankees-Red Sox postseason contest, peaking at 9:00 p.m. with an 8.5/15. All of the other networks produced typically low Saturday numbers. On Sunday, Fox continued to lead with the baseball playoffs, averaging a 10.4/15, but the winner of the 9:00 p.m. hour remained Desperate Housewives, which scored a 15.5/21.
Damn, if only Fox would stop scheduling games concurrently!
In that same link, unrelated to baseball (unless they start updating old game footage from the 50's and before): colorization might be making a comeback:
A new process to colorize black-and-white movies for television and DVD release has produced such realistic results that Martin Scorsese employed it to colorize vintage footage for his upcoming Howard Hughes biography The Aviator, the Toronto Star reported today (Monday). Barry Sandrew, president and CEO of Legend Films, which developed the colorization system, told the newspaper: "In one case, Technicolor engineers could not believe their eyes when they saw our colorization." Sandrew said that the process allows the use of a much larger palette of colors than those employed in the 1980s, when a cruder form of colorization was largely condemned by cinephiles. Examples of the new technique are posted on the company's website: www.legendfilms.net.
Really, you should go there (but only with a broadband connection). The images are profoundly better than the early Turner stuff.


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