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Monday, October 18, 2004

Where They're Going

Will Carroll Presents... has a prediction list of who's going where in the offseason. Some comments on his list:

Re: Martinez. Why wouldn't Arte just wait a year to sign Randy? (Or trade somebody to get him this year.) What's another $1 M?

Re: Sexson. $10 M sounds OK to me, but not necessarily at 3 years. Sexson at $10 M is less than a couple million more than he makes now, so it's not so bad (especially if he comes back from labrum surgery just like Shawn Green...) Moorad is probably just under as much pressure to show a "commitment to winning" as he has freedom to jettison the prior approach (besides, in both cases, the GM is the same.)
Stefan -- I guess I have a problem with giving Sexson a raise considering his injury history. Will Carroll says there isn't a big list of guys who have come back from this kind of injury, so it's hard to chart the course of his recovery. Giving him a raise therefore amounts to the Pudge-In-Detroit penalty: overpaying for a name free agent to go to a bad team.

Doing so is essentially a sub rosa announcement the team is in desperation mode. It will certainly make getting other free agents that much harder. In any event, I certaionly wouldn't look forward to him being anything like productive until maybe halfway through the season, perhaps not until 2006. In that event, perhaps the three-year contract is the best idea, after all.

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