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Monday, November 15, 2004

Administrivia: Slightly Improved Archiving

Blogger some time ago discontinued the archive page, which turns out to be a bummer if you have a lot of old posts. Already archive-by-week is starting to look like a mistake because it has so many rows, and I don't even have a year's worth of material up. I'm trying an experiment here that will not only give the date but the title for each post, as well as internal section heads for things like my innumerable Pickoff Moves posts. Right now the date order is screwed up because the output comes directly from parsing the blog HTML, but I expect to have that fixed in a day or so. Once that happens, there'll be a permalink to the article title archive.

One reason this change is mildly important (okay, to me only, probably) is that the Google search doesn't necessarily keep everything searchable. One example is to search for "angels big johnson", which should turn up the article I wrote back on June 18th, titled "Why The Angels Don't Need A Big Johnson". Normally, Google is very sensitive to keywords that also appear in the URL and/or appear in <h2> tags, but in this case, it misses this article entirely (and no, it's not because of naughtiness filtering, either). Better here than nowhere.

In the future, look for this blog to move to monthly archives as the number of archive rows grows to infinity. This will break links that pointed to earlier articles; oh, well.

Nice work. Why don't you move the entire blog over to your personal website?
Free bandwidth at Blogger, mainly. The machine this is set up on now is a server in my office running off a cable modem. The last thing I need is people sucking down stuff and clogging my uplink, which isn't that fast IIRC. Eventually the archive will end up elsewhere, but if I can get free bandwidth, cool.

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