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Sunday, November 28, 2004

And Now For Sosa Completely Different

Stories like this have an obligatory prefix of "for what it's worth", and with good reason, but Al Yellon claims to have uniqueness on this "story", and so I pass this worthless rumor along with all the other ones: Sammy to the Marlins, for Luis Castillo and -- hold on to your panties -- Juan Encarnacion. Hendry has lost his mind if he thinks Encarnacion is a respectable answer in anybody's right field; on VORP alone, this trade looks like a wash:
Player      VORPr  VORP
Sosa         .227  27.9
Encarnacion  .043   1.9
Castillo     .218  33.5
You like Sosa's rate stats a bit more than Castillo's; healthy -- a huge concern -- Sammy still has at least one good season in him. The Cubs would get a little younger and take on the shell of a former player who never on-based well, anyway, but may have some upside if his shoulder heals. Money would have to go to the Fish as well.

Yellon claims one of the motivations for the trade is "the Cubs have no interest in retaining Todd Walker". Essentially it's a trade of players in positions of need for each club, with each side getting something bad out of the deal. It's fairly even-up, provided Sosa can return to health next year; it might even make a winner out of the Cubs if Encarnacion can become an actual baseball player. Given he's never had an OBP over .330, that's unlikely.


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