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Monday, November 15, 2004

Chisox Pass On Boras Clients

Kenny Williams, who I have previously castigated as one of the dumber GMs in the business, may have exemplified that yet again -- or shown himself to be at least brighter than Rangers owner Tom Hicks and/or John Hart: he has categorically refused to sign any Scott Boras client.
"I do not expect to sign any Scott Boras clients," White Sox general manager Ken Williams said Monday.


"Let's just say that we both respectfully agree to disagree on the value of his players," Williams replied.

Which means the White Sox will be somewhat limited in their examination of the free-agent market because Boras has 11 of the very best clients in what is considered to be a very good crop.

That, of course, includes Ordonez, whose days as a White Sox outfielder are all but officially over.

"I think that ship has sailed," Williams said.

Williams and Boras met at last week's GM meetings in Florida to discuss not only Ordonez but other White Sox holes that could be filled by outfielders such as Beltran and Drew, a catcher such as Varitek, a third baseman such as Beltre and pitchers such as Lowe and Millwood. Williams had particular interest in Beltran, the valedictorian of this off-season's class.

Williams is not alone in his assessment of Boras' estimated worth of his clients. Several teams have refused in the past to bid for high-profile Boras players for just that reason. Already this winter, the world champion Red Sox are balking at his demands for Varitek, whom they consider a "necessity" for repeating.

Well, the good news, I suppose, is that the Chisox won't be in the mix for Beltre, but then, they never were. Boras sets his numbers too high for almost everyone, and this year, even the Yankees are acting like they have a budget. Boras may well, once more, end up costing his clients more than he gains them.


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