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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

From Carlos Beltran To Chone Figgins

In this Register story, Stoneman makes it apparent that there will be two choices in Anaheim at center: one named Carlos, and the other Chone:
"If we can find a center fielder we like even better than Figgy, we'll go that route. But we're not going to take just anybody," Stoneman said. "I think Figgy is a real good center fielder and that is a tough position to fill. It takes a particular skill set and he's got that skill set."
Sigh. Uh... Bill?
Garret Anderson94211-694
Chone Figgins5492-392
Jeff DaVanon38720100
Darin Erstad*14345227119
Mark Kotsay**14534716111
Carlos Beltran***882012103
*using Erstad's 2002
**reference only, to show what a full year from a quality active CF looks like
***as an Astro, combined fielding rate stats unavailable from his DT card

Now, I'm certainly willing to cut Figgy some slack here considering this year was his first playing center and he was learning on the job. Versatile he is, but a slick fielding centerfielder he is not. The Angels' best defensive option in center is actually Jeff DaVanon, believe it or not, but in a contest of the bats, it's not particularly close (33.7 VORP for Figgins vs 21.9 for DaVanon). The difference in fielding isn't nearly as great as the offensive difference; that's what the team's looking at, and why Figgins could be the team's starting centerfielder next year, assuming ESPN malarky about a Kotchman-for-Vernon Wells trade is just that.


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