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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Pickoff Moves, Lazy Thursday Offseason Blues Edition

Keepin' it real -- well, really full of something, anyway.

Percy's Signing Doesn't Signal The Close Of The Closer Market

The Chicago Sun-Times writes that the Cubs, who were scheduled to meet with Troy Percival tomorrow, are now talking to... get this... Matt Mantei. The Sawyer, Michigan native will be closer to home if he and the Cubs can agree to a deal, and the early reports are that both sides expect a one-year deal. Say this for Hendry: he was only willing to extend Percy a single year. Good for him.

Percy Gives A Shoutout To The Other Troy

Speaking of the former Angel, SI quotes a Detroit News story saying he's suggested the former Angels slugger move to the Tigers with him. Funny stuff, if true. It's all big risks, of course, for a Tigers team hardly rolling in dough, but nobody can fault them for not trying. Of course, the problem is -- trying to do what?

OT: Auld Lang Syne, Polly

I admit to being sucked in by Suck, the once-raucous website-cum-cobwebsite. In its day, it was as good a place as any for biting social commentary, and its resident doyenne was Heather Havrilesky. Then writing under the pseudonym Polly Esther, she's now Salon's TV critic. LAist recently interviewed her; her answer to this question pretty much summarizes the reason for this blog:
6. What purpose does writing the Rabbit Blog serve for you?

Well, as free as I am at Salon, I still find myself wanting to spiral off into an abyss of total idiocy, self-indulgent meandering, extreme self-deprecation, repugnant delusions of grandeur, pointless goofiness, spitty outbursts, and gratuitous maliciousness. I also like to hand out bad advice, and hurl bratty insults at our current president. Doesn't my blog sound enriching and informative?

At last, we have something in common!

Being Brian Sabean

Okay, I admit, I think the Omar Vizquel signing is nuts (and so does at least one Giants blogger), but Studes takes a shot at making sense of this from Sabean's point of view. Sure, Vizquel is relatively old at 37, but if you look at old players, there's a big washout at about that age, after which the quality of player at that age starts to increase. Yup. Whether Vizquel is one of those guys the Giants will get to find out.

Alert The Boys At Retrosheet

Virtually all the published newspapers prior to 1924 will be made digitally available -- i.e., searchable -- on the Internet, thanks to the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Library of Congress. Will that help SABR and Retrosheet volunteers track down the happenings in early baseball scores? I would hope so...


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