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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Pickoff Moves, Taps Edition

A couple notes before heading out for the gym:

More Speculation On Beltran To The Angels

This time from Kevin Kennedy:
But the Angels aren't done. They have also said that Garret Anderson will most likely return to left field next season after being out with injuries and arthritis a good part of this past year. That probably means that Jose Guillen, who was suspended in the final weeks of the 2004 season, will likely be released with the team absorbing the remainder of his contract. This also opens the door for a major offer to Carlos Beltran.

The team could be very appealing to Beltran with the Latin connection that begins with owner Arte Moreno. The opportunity to play center alongside Vladimir Guerrero may also be tempting for Beltran. He would be joining a club with a solid core group, a popular owner, and a manager, Mike Scioscia, who gets along with all his players. The Yanks better take notice. Getting Beltran may not be a slam dunk.

You mean the Angels will trade Guillen, not release him. Feh.

Percy Interested In Detroit, Too

The most prominent names mentioned alongside newly minted free agent Troy Percival have been the Cubs and Indians. Now you can add Detroit to that list.

A-Rod Haunted, Seeks Ghostbuster

No kidding:
"The fact that I got what I got, I deserved every bit of it because I was brought here to help win a championship and we didn't get that done," Rodriguez said. "Therefore, we failed. I don't think you can point your finger at any one guy because we win and lose as a team. But if you had to point a finger, I think you would point it right at me."

... "The fact that I haven't won a championship bothers me," Rodriguez said. "Until I do, I will not sleep or be comfortable with my career.

Whatever, Alex. Lay off that sissy slap maneuver, and you might have had more champagne.


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