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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Pickoff Moves, Why Am I Still Awake Edition

OT: Matt Welch Slays Dan Rather

Dan Rather: a dyspeptic dragon, an old noodle whose fame came from the principle ability to sit in a chair and not look utterly foolish while reading the news. Sic 'em, Matt:
The first, cheapest, and arguably best reason to despise someone is because he is rich, famous, and powerful. Bonus points if he works in your profession and carries on like a self-important jackass. Schadenfreude is a dish best served daily, and if America is rich enough to give around $7 million a year to not one but three different humans who have a job the Brits accurately call "newsreader," then certainly we have more than paid for the right to laugh like pitiless hyenas at the sight of the great Dan Rather slinking away from his enviable post in half-shame, like an armadillo leaving an ant nest after mistakenly pissing on it.


It's Xmas In Frisco, baby, and all over that Interweb thingy! Yeah! All the love you need, right here.

Do Not Let Us Speak Of Darker Days, But ... Sterner Days

From the M's website:
What will happen to Scott Spiezio if the Mariners are to sign Glaus and Delgado? Thank you. -- Stephen K. Beaverton, Ore.

He would have to fight for a spot on the 25-man roster or he could be made available as trade bait. However, coming off poor season in 2004, his trade value is low. He still has two years remaining on a three-year, $9 million contract.

Those still mourning Scott's departure, please inquire at Safeco Field. No reasonable offers refused!

The Empire Of Dumb Plays Its Game

... which, along with Steinbrenner, would mainly be making sure the Bosox overpay for Pedro Martinez. Omar Minaya helps out by outbidding the Sox (so far) to the tune of 3 years/$38M with a fourth year vesting option. The Sox allegedly offered two years and $25.5M. The Sox were supposed to be willing to adjust their bid in the face of additional competition, but the caveats about Pedro's shoulder and pitch counts define him.

Dellucci Said To Have Dodger Offer

The Arizona Republic claims that 31-year-old OF David Delucci has offers from seven teams, including the Snakes and Dodgers. Dellucci hit 17 home runs in 2004, with a .242/.342/.441 line.

Where Have I Heard That Before?

From the same Arizona Republic article:
General Manager Joe Garagiola Jr. and scouting director Mike Rizzo plan to meet with agent Scott Boras, who is serving an advisory role to Florida State shortstop Stephen Drew, at the upcoming owner's meetings in Anaheim. Negotiations with the 15th overall choice in June's amateur draft have been at an impasse for weeks.

Another C Bites The Dust

Doug Mirabelli and his enormous mitt won't have to leave Fenway to find work; he'll be back for two more years and $3M to catch Tim Wakefield's marvelous floaters. Interesting for the Dodgers mainly because they don't really have a starting catcher yet.


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