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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Pickoff Moves

The War Of The Rose

Jon links to this Sacramento Bee story indicating the Dodgers have signed minor league catcher Mike Rose as a minor league free agent. Rose hit .281/.407/.401 in 2004 with the Oakland A's AAA River Cats affiliate in the hitter-friendly PCL; contrast this with David Ross's .297/.384/.519 in his last full year in AAA Las Vegas, 2003.

Also signed as free agents from Oakland's AAA River Cats were Mike Edwards (.287/.384/.432) and Jon Weber (.343/.381/.468). The article incorrectly says the Dodgers still control Todd Hundley, when in fact he is a free agent.

Frank Expands Home Turf

Jaimie McCourt has purchased the house next door. If the two properties were to be combined, they would be among the largest contiguous parcels in Holmby Hills.

That's nice, but we'd better have Beltre signed by Spring Training or know the reason why.

Byline Bingo

Am I missing something, or is this the first time Ken Rosenthal's byline has appeared in a Times story? The story itself contains standard-issue CW (Beltre won't sign with the Dodgers, Glaus will go to Boston) as well as speculation that Beltre might end up in an Orioles uniform. He also suggests Belly might not end up in Seattle because "the Mariners rarely spend big and play in a park that neutralizes right-handed power." This interests me because U.S.S. Mariner has actively stumped for the M's to sign him; and ESPN's park factors seem to indicate Safeco's a slightly better park for hitting homers than Dodger Stadium.

The Free Agent Glass Yanked Half Empty

For those so inclined, Leone For Third has his free agent destination picks up.

The Yanks will have a logjam at several positions, to say the least.

Still The Orioles

From Will Lingo's chat:
 Q:  Ron from South Bend, IN asks:
Where would have Townsend been in this list if he would have signed?

Will Lingo: Ouch. That was a painful draft pick to not get anything out of. Considering the Orioles had no chance to sign him, I never really looked at Townsend in comparison to any of their other guys, but he has the stuff to be considered with Penn and Adam Loewen, who are the top two pitching prospects in the organization.

 Q:  Toby Boyce from Delaware, Ohio asks:
The O's Top 10 seems to be significantly older than what we are used to seeing in Baseball America. Is the system that thin? Or are these late bloomers that are just now asserting themselves?

Will Lingo: The system is pretty thin.

 Q:  Ulrath from Virginia.... asks:
Is there any hope at all?

Will Lingo: I think that's a good question to end on. Thanks for joining us and I hope Orioles fans get all the free agents they're hoping for this Christmas.

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re: McCourts- Charity begins at home, as they say.
My guess is that the Ken Rosenthal story was in the Sunday bulldog edition (the one you can buy on a Saturday) - it's very common for the Times and other papers to use all kinds of wire stories for that edidtion.

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