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Friday, November 19, 2004

Pickoff Moves

Hail Fellow, Bad Met

Angels fans recall the trade that ended Mo Vaughn's career as an Angel, and sent former Met pitcher Kevin Appier to Anaheim. It's surprising to read that, from the New York perspective, that trade was a bust for the Angels; but even more surprising is the news that Vaughn is thinking of returning to the majors. First, he'll have to think of somebody dumb enough to sign him.


The Player's Association now wants MLB's salary "suggestions" in writing. Previously, these numbers were arrived at by a cellphone call or an e-mail. So big deal -- players' agents will now be getting reams of paperwork.

... An' I Wan' A Pony, Too

The Giants supposedly are in the hunt for Randy Johnson, with the team in total and complete "win now" mode. But not to be surprised. Barry Bonds also wants Carlos Beltran hitting behind him. I'm sure we all have Christmas wishlists.

If Appier's stay as an Angel was "disastrous", than we should hit our knees and pray for another disaster. Perhaps it will result in a few more rings.

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