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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Pickoff Moves

Baltimore's Free Agency Tango

The Baltimore Sun writes that the O's are considering Steve Finley as a short-term centerfield option, and estimate he would fetch more than the $6.75M/2 years contract he had with the Snakes. The O's are expected to be in the mix for Carl Pavano, as well. Despite re-signing Rafael "Viagra" Palmiero, they "still want a first baseman, and regard Carlos Delgado, Richie Sexson and Troy Glaus as possibilities -- though Glaus wants to stay at third base." The M's are happy with the underappreciated Melvin Mora at third, and don't want to move him to the outfield.

Tom Haller Dies

Former San Francisco catcher Tom Haller passed away due to a viral infection. He would be a footnote to me except for his appearance in Danny Kaye's immortal "Dodgers Song". My condolences to his family.

Tigers On The Block?

Lynn Henning in the Detroit News speculates that the Tigers may be for sale, considering the increasing expenditure on free agents and the continued millstone of stadium debt for the team. Henning notes that it's unlikely a local buyer would pick the team up; Edsel Ford dropped out of the bidding when the team finally cleared the auction block at $82M. You can't read too much into it, but the Tigers snatched scouting director David Chadd from Boston; I'm not sure I think of this as a major coup, considering how poorly Boston's recent drafts have been received.

Seattle Notes

The Seattle Times says the M's have extended offers to Carlos Delgado and Richie Sexson.
Seattle is also looking to sign Corey Koskie for third base, add one or two starting pitchers and bring back catcher Dan Wilson and left-handed pitcher Ron Villone. But hitting the daily double on Delgado and Sexson would likely tap out the Mariners' $16 million available for free agents and cause them to stop shopping, with the exception of bringing back Wilson as a backup catcher.

How Will RFK Play?

The Nats Blog figures RFK will play much like Anaheim Stadium, essentially a slight pitcher's park (though Baseball Reference has it as a hitter's park in 2000 and 2001). Now if they could only get some actual pitchers besides Livan Hernandez...

BTF Wiki!

Baseball Think Factory now has its own Wiki -- a community-extensible encyclopedia. The first, and largest of such is of course Wikipedia. A great idea, just in case you need to answer burning questions about the identity of The Run Fairy.


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