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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

WTF? WCP's List O' Beltran Bids

Is Will Carroll talking through his hat? Or are his mystery sources right? Whatever, I'm shocked to see the Angels on top of this list of bids for Beltran's services, with a $20M/5 year bid. I just can't believe Stoneman's been given the authority to make that call. I sure hope we get outbid on this one. The chances of the Angels becoming chumps in a year or three when Carlos pulls his back out and misses half a season strike me as pretty dang big.

Update: interesting that that post no longer exists. From Google cache:

... There’s a number of offers on the table and through various sources, I’ve been able to put together a bunch of them. While these are believed to be accurate, remember a couple things:

a) We don’t have all the details. We know where the devil lives. Things like voidables, options, private jets, suites, and bonuses aren’t reflected here.

b) In only a few cases do I have rock solid info. All of it is “good” and I can’t differentiate the “great” from the “good” without putting some sources at risk.

c) Money isn’t the only factor. The interesting thing with the teams competing for Beltran is that all are teams that aren’t so much looking for a franchise player as much as they are an “over the top” player.

d) The market isn’t set. The Omar Vizquel signing certainly looks like something from 2001, but no one thinks this will be like that “bubble.” These offers certainly show there’s money out there and will likely set the market if this deal gets done quickly. (I don’t think this will get done quickly.)

e) These are just offers. If I know them, I’m certain that the other GMs know them and will adjust their offers, make counter-offers, fly Beltran in and try to go SMU on them, whatever. This isn’t final, to be sure.

Enough caveats. Here’s the list, in order of which I think is “best” or most likely to be acceptable -

Angels = 5x20 ($100m)
Phillies = 10x15.5 ($155m)
Yankees = 8x18.1 ($145m)
Orioles = 6x18.3 ($110m)
Red Sox = 7x17 ($119m)
Astros = 10x11 ($110m)
Dodgers = 5x18 ($90m)
Cubs = 7x16 ($112m)
Rangers = 7x15.7 ($110m)
White Sox = 6x15 ($90m)

So with the cards on the table, who’s in?

I heard the Angels other alternative to center is a deal with Toronto for Vernon Wells. Has anyone else heard likewise?
"I just can't believe Stoneman's been given the authority to make that call."

I think you're right. Hell, it's Arte's money, so it's Arte's gamble.

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