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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Arte Moreno, Fighting Cancer One Beer At A Time

By now the whole friggin' country has had enough of Arte and his nutty LAAoA deal, but everyone forgets that last year he was the People's Hero for knocking a dollar off the price of a beer. (If the difference is what it takes to keep the Angels' name where their posteriors actually are, I'll happily give it up.) But I take this moment to observe a brief digression: according to a Japanese study published in New Scientist, beer -- lagers and stout in particular -- contains amines that fight cancer. While the jury's still out on whether this actually works in conjunction with the fun ingredient still in place, others are quite certain it's good, and good for you, as witness this piece where the New England Journal of Medicine published research finding older women with modest alcohol intake were sharper than their teetotaling sisters. Even though that $4 Bud isn't the right kind -- unfiltered, yeasty beers such as hefeweizen, my favorites anyway, seem to be the most effective at it -- it's a step in the right direction.


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