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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Halofan On Season Tickets

I admit it -- I almost never visit Halofan for reasons I won't go into here, but he provides a nice summary of the season ticket situation:

I would love to see the dodger numbers compared to last year. Let's see how much all the love for Depo translates into people buying tickets.
Were you banned from reading halofan by your Sabertology cult that only allows its members to read sites that genuflect to the sacred stats? Think for yerself dude. Erstad rocks!
I had heard the Angels were switching to the vastly superior Levy Restaurants this season; disappointed to read I'll have to wait until next year. Why would you think the Aramark contract was "MLB-wide"? Nearly every stadium I've ever been to has a different food vendor. Levy, in fact, is the vendor at Dodger Stadium.

Also, just curious what you have against Halofan?
HF -- it is precisely for this sentiment that I do not read Halofan. Erstad rocks... but at league minimum if at first base, more if at center (and he can keep his legs together).

I don't recall who they were using at Chavez Ravine, but I thought they had Aramark in there. Weird.
I don't know what they have at Chavez Ravine, but I do know that Aramark doesn't have a league-wide contract.

Here's hoping the Angels go with a set-up similar to Safeco, with most of the vendors being local restaurants and chains. Can you imagine a Wahoos Fish Tacos or even - dare I dream of it - an In'n'Out inside the stadium?
"Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for?" -- Robert Browning
funny thing is that my browser bar is alphabetically arranged, with Angels first and 6-4-2 first in that folder, so i read YOU first thing every morning.

You'll change your way when you learn the truth about L. Ron Billjames. When I walk out my front door and gaze up at ChavezRavine Stadium, I will remember your needs if I ever have spare Doggie Tix.
HF: Some opinions are more valuable than others. For instance, the opinions that the earth orbits the sun, that E. coli released indiscriminantly into the body cavity cause peritonitis, and that man evolved from lesser hominids are all more valuable than the opinions that the sun will fail to rise without human sacrifices, that imbalances in the humors cause disease, and that a 4,000 year old document written by itinerant sheepherders adequately explains the diversity of life on the planet. The former opinions are all backed by intellectual rigor; the latter amount to uninformed speculation. James' writing counts of the first sort. Clutch hitting as an ability, the utility of paying Darin Erstad $8M/year, and the value of the sacrifice bunt as a primary offensive weapon falls into the latter category.
The fact that Darin Erstad is a Gemini is apparently less important to you than it is to me. Oh well, go Haloes!

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