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Friday, January 28, 2005

Meet The New Boss

The A's prospective new owner, Lewis Wolff, knows the A's field some great teams on a shoestring budget -- and he's happy to keep it that way, says the Mercury-News:
And so, even as Major League Baseball proceeds with its background investigations and credit checks, we can offer a pretty safe short-term assessment of the new owner even before he is the new owner.

And that would be: If you liked Schott and Hofmann, you're likely to love Lewis Wolff.


Well, maybe so. But if Paul DePodesta's offseason antics are any guide, there's no real reason to believe that, just because the A's could spend more, that they might necessarily use their scratch wisely. All the Dodgers offseason free-agent pitching acquisitions have come with significant question marks. Likewise for the aging Jeff Kent, Three True Outcomes player Jose Valintin at third, and J. D. "It Only Hurts When I Play A Corner Outfield Position" Drew. This is about as far from a guaranteed group as you're going to get, and this from a man whose hiring Beane recently called his "best move".


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