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Friday, January 28, 2005

New DePo Interview

In the wake of a tumultuous offseason, Michael X. Ferraro interviews Paul DePodesta in today's Los Angeles Downtown News. Samples:
Q: True/False: You, Paul DePodesta, came to this job with an evil plan to dismantle the Dodger dynasty?

A: (Deep breath) Absolutely true. (Laughs) I think actually, the plan is to do everything we can to recreate it, in all honesty. I mean, you look at those teams from the mid-to-late '70s and the early '80s and all the tremendous success they had. We want to follow that model to a certain extent, even though the rules in our industry have changed. But our goal is to ultimately create a team that doesn't just win one year, but has a chance to win every year.

Q: Has the prevailing "Chicken Little" reaction from the media and some of the sports-radio fans surprised you?

A: No, it hasn't, and I appreciate it. I love that there's passion like that - it's much better than apathy. ...

Q: How do you make the determination that a player is irreplaceable, and why didn't Adrian Beltre make that cut?

A: That's a tough one to answer. We no longer have [Sandy] Koufax and [Don] Drysdale, and we're still here, and we won Divisions and World Series without them.... By the same token, it's really hard to turn the page on a player you really like and think will get better. Adrian is a terrific player, and we would have loved to have kept him. It was truly hard to see him go, but you really have to look at the team in the aggregate, and not just one person.

Ferraro's got good interview questions. Go. Read. Now.


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