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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

OT: Google Chasing Down Comment Spam

Bully for them. Spammers, uncontent with merely routing tons of junk mail through China, Korea, and other loosely-guarded places of the world, have started putting their links on blogs' comment sections, adding unwanted commercial messages. (Since Blogger comments automatically have defensive mechanisms against this, it's rare for a 100% Blogger-driven site to have these issues; I've only once or twice seen spam in my comments.) By sapping comment spam of its usefulness (i.e., improved page rank in Google's search index), Google eliminates the motivation to spam in the first place. A small step forward in the unceasing slog against penis pills, 419 scams, fake Rolex watches, and a whole raft of other stuff I'd rather not have to deal with.


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