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Monday, January 31, 2005

Pickoff Moves

I Want My MLB TV

... but in the lapse of the regular season, all I have is the Caribbean World Series -- which of course is on Fox En Español, which I do not get. And the radio broadcasts, of course, are on KHJ, which we cannot understand. Now, you'd think, given the hockey strike, that some of the sports channels might be looking for content they could repackage. And with so many Latin players in these games who also play in the North American majors, you'd think they could get some English speaking broadcaster down there ... but I'm dreaming. The NHL would fight it, and MLB wouldn't want to encourage its star players to engage in potentially damaging winter league ball.

15 days until pitchers and catchers report.

Dodgers End Voluntary Seismic Refit

Steve Henson reports that the Dodgers have terminated a quiet, voluntary seismic refit done under News Corp. The $16M refit, which started in 1999, "is not necessary", according to Dodger Vice President Howard Sunkin. The retrofit was started after new studies in 1998 identified a pair of faults running under Dodger Stadium. The stadium sits atop bedrock, making it safer than some nearby buildings downtown.

Dodgers Win Nakamura Negotiation Rights

The Dodgers have won negotiation rights to Japanese 3B Norihiro Nakamura. Bob Timmerman in the comments section of Jon's column on Nakamura said the Buffaloes' home park is very hitter-friendly, but this three-year-old Baseball Prospectus column has it as being neutral to very pitcher-friendly in 2000-2001. " Nakamura, 31, is expected to be offered a minor league contract with a guaranteed salary if he makes the Dodgers."

Some Love For Ross Porter

Best Southern California Radio Play-by-Play man:
For now, it won't include the Dodgers, not even for a night. They have asked if he would come to a game, where they would honor his 28 years with them. Porter shook his head slowly. No noise. No spotlight.

"I really think we're past that," he said. "I wouldn't feel comfortable doing that. That's over. We will just go on."

Doug Miller Twists The Knife

What ever happened to the Angels first-round pick in 2003, Brandon Wood? Is he still with the organization? -- Steve C., Arizona

Steve, Brandon Wood is most definitely still with the organization and is still viewed as a potential big league star at shortstop. Wood spent the entire 2004 season at Cedar Rapids and hit .251 with 11 homers, 64 RBIs, 65 runs scored and 25 stolen bases. Expect him to begin 2005 there or with Rancho Cucamonga.

So, naturally, the Angels went out and blocked him by signing Orlando Cabrera for four years. Oy, vey.

Angels Calendar

Belatedly, I got an Angels calendar this year (usually I end up getting two calendars as Christmas gifts, but not this time around). It's hard to put much into the guys they put on the months, but noteworthy for huh? factor is Jose Guillen (November) and Troy Percival (December) for the obviousness of their not likely to be around, with a special honorable mention for David Eckstein (March), who did not receive a new contract in 2005. Helen reminds me it could be worse: the Cubs' calendar has Nerf-hitting Alex Gonzalez, traded to the Expos -- last July.


Ask your cable operator for EspnDeportes, they will air the caribbean series. it's a spanish channel just for the U.S, they might have it
Last season they showed a couple of the games on FOXSports World, but now that it's the FOX Soccer Channel, I guess that's out of the question.
The problem is whether I want to sign up for a $39.99/mo. service in addition to the $80/mo or so I'm already paying to Time Warner Cable, just for one week's worth of programming. I don't think so.

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