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Monday, February 14, 2005

Maybe Anaheim's Case Is Stronger Than We Thought

In this Times story, former Angels president Tony Tavares says the point of the lease was to put the name Anaheim front-and-center, but MLB prevented him from offering his testimony without a subpoena:
Under pressure from the Dodgers, sources said, Major League Baseball permitted Anaheim attorneys to secure a vital court declaration from Tony Tavares, the former president of the Angels and current president of the MLB-owned Washington Nationals.

"What we did was encourage them so the right information would be out there for the judge to make a sound decision," said Howard Sunkin, the Dodgers' senior vice president of public affairs.

In its lawsuit against the Angels, Anaheim contends the team broke its stadium lease by adopting the name the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

In his declaration, Tavares corroborates the city's claim by saying the lease was designed "to give Anaheim prominence … so that Anaheim would be publicized when the baseball team was publicized."

Tavares negotiated the 1996 lease on behalf of the Walt Disney Co., then the Angel owner. The city needed him to provide Disney's side of the lease negotiations.

Could we throw the politicians and attorneys into the pond and develope a no nonsence drug policy such as, you get caught, you are suspended for the year, and get on with some quality baseball this year?

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