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Thursday, March 31, 2005

The One-Way Mirror

From the New York Times (registration required, you know the drill), a story about former Dodger Bubba Crosby and how the mean ol' Dodgers wouldn't give him a chance:
But instead of calling up Crosby, their former first-round pick, the Dodgers signed Henderson, who was 44 years old. Henderson batted .208. The Dodgers traded Crosby to the Yankees for Robin Ventura two weeks later, when he was batting .361 at Class AAA.

"Even though Rickey Henderson is one of the greatest baseball players ever, it was still, to me, kind of a slap in my face that I didn't get an opportunity," Crosby said. "I was a Dodger, and in that organization, that's all they talk about - breeding young talent, moving through the organization. It was kind of like, what else do I need to do?"

Crosby never expected the Yankees, of all teams, to offer him a chance at the majors. He had a few days of service with Los Angeles, but it was nothing like last season, when he spent nearly every day with the Yankees. This week, he made their opening-day roster for the second year in a row.

Which, of course, obscures the simple facts, well known to Dodger fans: What's amazing is that this relative hagiography should come on a .151/.196/.302 season with the Yanks in 2004 and a .276/.365/.379 line at AAA Columbus. Of course: I slap my forehead. This is about the future trade.


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