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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Pickoff Moves, Hairy Edge Of Blogger Stability Edition

Administrivia: Migration

So far, it looks like paying for hosting is the only way to settle the ongoing stability issues. aplus.net appears to be the most likely candidate, seeing as how there's an existing business relationship (they host the images I already have on this site). The technical direction after that remains a bit murky. Stay tuned.

THT On Snakes, Giants, And A's

THT runs its Five Questions format previews of the Diamondbacks, and the two northern California teams, the Giants and A's. The A's piece reflects a nervousness about Oakland's nerf-ous hitting ("the A’s 2005 offense is what it has been for the last three years: mediocre-to-below average, even when adjusted for their home ballpark"), and not much more optimistic about their pitching ("In a rotation featuring three unproven commodities, the A’s need [Zito] to regain his ace form.").

As to the Giants: "... the 2005 Giants might strongly contend in the National League West, or they might collapse into the cellar. Or they might plod along somewhere around .500. Mark my words!" Such certainty!

It could be worse, though; imagine the plight of the Diamondbacks fan: "... it’s very unlikely we will see this club in the playoffs for the rest of this decade." Ouch.

Dream? What Dream?

Aaron Gleeman notes in passing that Blez's spring training adventures represent "the dream of every baseball blogger." Speaking strictly for myself, I have to think that direct contact with gas-emitting stars (and general managers) would pretty quickly disabuse me of that "dream", not to mention the unremittingly low pay. If that's a dream, I'll keep my day job, thanks.

Royals 10, Angels 9

One of those late spring games that underscores the erosion of the Angels' bullpen, the Halos gave a start to Evan Thomas, who promptly got himself reassigned to minor league camp. The Angels' list of pitchers -- Thomas, Chris Bootcheck, Dusty Bergman, Von Stertzbach, and Bob Zimmerman -- are all contestants on the game show, "Who Wants To Be An Angel?", with Stertzbach, Zimmerman, and Bergman being semifinalists, Zimmerman despite his bad outing today.


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