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Monday, March 28, 2005

Pickoff Moves, Too Much Time On My Hands Edition

Eli Wallach Returns To The Pads

The third part of an old western starring Clint Eastwood returns to Petco in the guises of Andy Ashby and Darrell May, according to Ducksnorts. The radar gun clocked May's heater at 84 MPH, explaining his 11-2 shelling by the Snakes. Pads fans hope he's a last resort to be used only when days off don't exist.

All-Baseball NL West Projections

All-Baseball projects the NL West race, with Tom Meagher doing the honors for the Dodgers. I won't say there's a concensus here, but I do think between the Padres, Giants, and Dodgers, anything could happen and any team could win this division; there's no clear frontrunner.

The Sorrowful Life Of The One-Man-Woman

Lookout Landing informs us that Benji Gil will not make the Mariners' roster this year, something that will warm the hearts of the U.S.S. Mariner crew. No doubt his fan is horrified, but nonetheless has signed up for tickets to whatever minor league club he ends up playing for.

Bringing Up Baby Felix Hernandez

Steve Nelson, formerly of Mariners Wheelhouse, writes a guest column at Lookout Landing suggesting that there is no evidence that holding a pitcher otherwise ready to play at the major league level will help his career (by imparting health). The import of this attaches directly to phenom Felix Hernandez, he of the Frankie-style slider-from-hell, the endurance to bring it through a whole game, and the babyfaced eighteen years of age.

Pinto's Defensive Graphs For The Angels

David Pinto presents defensive graphs for the Angels team defense.


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