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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Pickoff Moves

Tech Rave: Firefox Google PageRank Toolbar

Google might not want you to know about this, but there's a Firefox extension that lets you pick up the Google Pagerank of a particular page. This is one of several factors, albeit the largest one, that Google uses to determine where a page turns up on one of their search results. The higher the page rank (on a scale of 0-10, where 10 is best and 0 is shunned), the higher the result appears on the page. In the high-school-locker-room contest comparing Pageranks, some sundry samplings:
Pearly Gates5I haven't been able to find a single blogspot.com blog with a Pagerank over 5, but I have been able to find some zero PR ones.
Athletics Nation5At least we know Richard and I aren't sucking off a base popularity for all blogger.com domains. It seems most blogs are pretty much middle-of-the-pack when it comes to Pagerank.
Lookout Landing0Amazing. Just amazing.
dodgerthoughts.baseballtoaster.com0See what happens when you change domains? It'll take a while for Dodger Thoughts to recover, and so for all these guys at all-baseball.com, and baseballtoaster.com, and MVN.com.
Hardball Times6Team blogs seem to do pretty well in general.
ESPN home page8Home pages do better than...
ESPN MLB home7... internal pages, which do better than ...
ESPN story about Barry BondsN/A... individual stories.
Baseball Reference6
Baseball Cube4Gary Cohen has his work cut out for him.
What's amazing is how little difference there is between the top websites in this area (ESPN at PR 8 on their home page, PR 7 on the MLB main) versus the mundane blogs (yours truly at PR 5) and the even exceptional ones such as the all-baseball.com stable.

Jeff Shaw's M's Preview On THT

Jeff Shaw of U.S.S. Mariner has his 2005 Mariners preview up at Hardball Times, via his trusty Magic 8-Ball.

Welcome Back, Sean

Purgatory Online is back in action, with three posts in one day, and a chronology of the Halosphere. Angels blogdom is a better, and funnier, place with Sean's keyboard engaged. Welcome back.

Ray Ratto On Barry

I already linked to it above, but I thought it would be useful to mention this Ray Ratto story on Barry Bonds explicitly. Like me, Ratto doesn't necessarily take Bonds' projection of his return date all that seriously, but the knees aren't the problem here. It's Barry's head that will make or break him:
He is athletically mortal now, a realization that must have hit him particularly hard. For the immediate and foreseeable future, he has lost the outlet that was both his identity and refuge, and now he has all the more time to think about his other problems.


The new, physically vulnerable Bonds is no longer a lock to just pick up where he left off last year. History, which he has been laughing at these past four years, suggests loudly that the end does not come gradually, but in one great rush, and with all the extra side dishes on Bonds' plate, that rush may be a headlong one.

In short, what we took as likely (Aaron) is now doubtful, and what we took as a given (Ruth) may be taken away.

Guest Analyst Eric Neel On Vin Scully

Eric Neel, who normally writes for ESPN's Page 2, today makes a guest appearance on Baseball Analysts, on the subject of growing up with Vin Scully. He even mentions this humble blog in passing.

Away To Arizona

And while my wife is pestering me (gently) to make sure she packed everything suitably in our suitcase, I mention now that I'm going to be in Arizona for the next five days, at the Angels' spring training camp. Reports to follow, as last year.



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