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Monday, March 28, 2005

Pickoff Moves

A few things to make up for Sunday's absence...

Baseball Toaster Predicts The AL Division Races

... and the concensus is the Angels taking the AL West, the Red Sox taking the East, and a surprising 6-4 split on the Twins and Indians in the Central.

Fire Brand Of The American League Moves To All-Baseball

In case you hadn't noticed. I await an explanation for MVN's so far mostly inexplicable moves, but A-B even when it had Jon et al. could have done with a Red Sox blog; this is not a bad idea.

The Eternal Hope Of The Mosquito

Probably stale news, but this Times-Herald piece details the sad decline and sudden irrelevance of erstwhile prospect Joe Thurston -- along with the boosterism of those who hope to make a few bucks managing his fortunes should they reverse. Choice quote from his money manager, Steve Reed: "Joey's best abilities are his intense focus on the task at hand and his calmness." Ironic considering his lackadaisical 2003 spring training.

Duh: Ross Trade Rumors

David Ross might be the subject of a trade, says the Register. But given Ross's horrible spring training (.105 average), the article now tags him "as a backup in Triple-A." But what are you going to get for him now? A bag of balls?

Grabowski Extends His Versatility

And even if somebody were injured, the Dodgers have apparently started seeing Jason Grabowski as a possible emergency catcher. Grabowski, who batted .174 last year in a mainly pinch hitting role, looks to be the Dodgers' main left-handed pinch-hitter this year.

Alvarez To Open Season In Bullpen

In that same article, it looks like Wilson Alvarez won't begin the season in the rotation, but in the bullpen, thanks to shoulder tendinitis.


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