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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Vanity Blogbacking And Thank Yous

One of the many fun things about running this blog is finding out who has links up to you. With that in mind, some of the cooler sites that have given me sidebar links lately: Thanks everybody.

Thanks for the shout-out Rob. I stand by my claims.
Rob, you're linked to Forum Blue first and foremost because I read you. Secondly I think people in Los Angeles are often Lakers and Dodger fans. Thanks for the mention, and I still owe you a beer at a Dodger game this season.
Christmightydamn, I forgot your prior blog. Beer unfortunatly is out of the question until I can convince my *#$@ gastroenterologist that my liver is healthy enough to ingest anything. But the game... well, we'll have to do that now.

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