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Monday, May 02, 2005

A Major Cleanup Of A Minor Problem

The additions to the blogosphere in both the Angels and Dodgers side of things has become exponential it seems, and it's not getting better now that MLB.com actively encourages baseball bloviation. In the Non-Bloviating Blogger Dep't, Stephen Smith wrote back on April 27 that MLB has taken over stats collection for their minor league affiliates this year, which has led to some improvements in that category, not least of which is a uniformity to the websites. That is, minorleaguebaseball.com is starting to look an awful lot like big brother mlb.com, and that's a very good thing. As well, there's talk about delivering Gameday Internet audio and video. It's all good, and the various teams' affiliates should be grateful the stats have been taken off their hands and given to somebody at least reasonably qualified to do the job.

Don't be so sure about improvements because of MLB taking over the minor-league stuff. They have really done a number on the stats places like Baseball America is able to present.

For instance, when a player moves to a new level, their stats at the old level disappear. Also, you can no longer search for players by name.
At least they are complete. I recall they weren't giving vital data like HBP needed to calculated OBP.

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