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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Pickoff Moves

High Colon-ic: Angels 2, Doppelgängers 1

I keep hoping for Adam Kennedy to come back so he can remind those pesky Twins who's boss in the AL. Sadly, we'll have to make do with gift home runs from Jose and Vlad, and a scant one each; but given who was pitching, I can forgive them (heh). Santana went down, as such things go for pitchers with supernatural gifts, and Colon held up long enough to give the bullpen a rest. Not that I wasn't throwing things at the TV by the time it was all over with, especially with Shields' frustrating eighth and Frankie's surrendered homer in the ninth. Must the Angels make it interesting for the other team at the end? Not a habit to get into. Fortunately, the Angels can, at least, take solace in their victory, knowing that Santana is now vincible.


Tracy: Dreif Done, Maybe

Making the rounds via AP, Darren Dreifort may not pitch again, according to Jim Tracy. This isn't really news for Dodger fans, but for the outside world it may come as a surprise (no, really?).
When asked on Sunday if Dreifort would pitch this season, Tracy said, "My guess would be no. You wonder if Dreif is ever going to pitch again."


"I don't know that there's a player over the course of the five years I've managed here -- and I respect them all and love them all -- but this guy, from the standpoint of courage, is maybe as courageous a player as I've managed," Tracy said. "Do you realize how many times this guy's been operated on? How many times he's been put on that table, getting anesthesia and getting himself surgically repaired? I mean, how much can one take?"

Angels Team Doc Doing What He Can To Help Bonds

First, it was the this-town-ain't-big-enough wars over where Los Angeles really is. Now we learn that Angels team doctor Lewis Yocum is helping out Barry Bonds by draining fluid from his gimpy knee. On his blog, Barry says he's progressing nicely. I'm sure Frank McCourt is just thrilled.

WonderKennedy Powers, Activate!

Just when I thought I was gonna hurl watching Chone Figgins bobble yet another routine groundball with a runner on the basepaths, comes the word that Adam Kennedy will be activated Monday. Whew. To make room for him on the 25-man roster, Lou Merloni will be put on the DL with a sprained ankle sustained during today's game.

Ortiz Collapses After Reactivation

No sooner than he's reactivated from the 15-day DL (due to a groin injury) than he gives up six earned runs on seven hits and one walk in 2.0 IP in a 13-3 drubbing of the Reds. The loss represents a sweep at the hands of the Milwaukee Brewers.

Outside of the division-leading Cardinals, only the Cubs don't have a losing record in the NL Central.


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