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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Pickoff Moves

Frankie Out A While Longer, Kelvim Plays Catch

K-Rod will be sidelined until the weekend; he thinks the injury may have been due to a wet mound.

Kelvim Escobar played catch before yesterday's game; a return date is not known yet.

Angels Causing Confusion Across The Nation

Al Yellon sent me this confusing scoreboard from Wrigley, and I have to agree with him: Los Angeles playing Los Angeles? Huh? Bill Plaschke, who is usually one of my bêtes noires around here, gets into the act, and while I can't condone this kind of single-sentence behavior in a mature sportswriting adult, I can at least concur with the sentiment that Arte's actions are silly.

Weaver: Nothing Happening Here, Move On

Somebody has to report the news, even when there's no news to report.

Mets 2, Reds 1

Ramon Ortiz (1-2, 5.56 ERA) vs. Kaz Ishii (no decisions, 3.96 ERA)? Now that should have been a battle of the craptacular. Surprisingly, both pitchers did pretty well, with Ortiz only giving up two earned runs in seven innings, and Ishii taking a one-run, three-hit game into six and a third.


Plaschke's off base here, imo. His assumption is that the Dodger's ad campaign is a result of fear of encroachment. I happen to think the campaign comes from an acknowledgment of the absurd. Everyone I know thinks the Angels should drop 'Los Angeles' from their name, and the Dodgers are having a nice poke at their cross-town rivals for their silliness.

The 'Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles' hat made me laugh out loud, along with everyone I've shown 'em to. I've thought about buying one just 'cause they're so funny. Plaschke should shut up and realize a marketing opportunity when one's dangled in front of him.

Plaschke also criticizes the Dodgers for forgetting their history,

" What Frankie has forgotten in this childish fuss is the team that didn't change its name.

Yeah, his team, the one with the six World Series championships, with Jackie Robinson's strength and Sandy Koufax's perfection and Tom Lasorda's persona and Kirk Gibson's homer and Vin Scully's voice."

but ignores the fact that the campaign he's calling petty features Robinson, Koufax and Scully, along with present day players and a pretty good pitcher by the name of Oral.

I think it's the best Dodger ad campaign in years, and Plaschke is all wet.
Sorry, hon, I guess I didn't read past the first few sentences or so. Plaschke is an idiot, and if I spend more than a few brain cells looking at it, there is a nonzero chance this blog will become infested with monosentence paragraphs.
Sorry guys, I think his comments are spot on. The Angels own territorial rights to Los Angels, Ventura, San Bernardino, and Riverside Counties, as well as Orange County. "Los Angeles Angels" is more representative of this fact than "Anaheim Angels" could ever hope to be - - -

Frankie and Jamie must be having a HIGH-POWERED hissy fit over the fact that the Dodgers' website (controlled by Major League Baseball) not only refers to the Halos as "Los Angeles" but also describes them as the Dodgers' cross-TOWN rivals (as opposed to, say, "in-state" rivals).
Are the Washington Orioles of Baltimore far behind? I loved the Los Angeles of Los Angeles gear actually - where can I buy some?

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